The Organic Food Company (OFC) works to make quality organic food affordable and accessible. We create buying clubs that facilitate the purchase of bulk organic produce and products at wholesale prices.


The Organic Food Company was founded in 2012 by Christian Luna-Labbee after purchasing his organic produce through a small buying club for several months. Noticing the high price of organic food and lack of availability for ordinary people, he decided to work to make a difference by creating a project to make good quality organic food available to everyone.

OFC is currently reaching out across the United States to establish programs in local communities and works in partnership with Discounts 4 Disabled (www.discounts4disabled.org) and the HelpNetwork (www.helpnetworkusa.org) to provide support and resources for individuals in need.

OFC is a program of the Global Change Project (www.global-change.org) and is sponsored by Charity Services Centers, PA, a Florida Law firm (www.csc-centers.com).

Our Partners

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